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Cursed Island || Lost RPG || -If this is allowed- - Don't Let Charlie Be Another Rock Cliché [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Let Charlie Live

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Cursed Island || Lost RPG || -If this is allowed- [Jun. 13th, 2005|01:41 pm]
Let Charlie Live
Come join the Lost RPG I've started! We have very few members.


Come join our new "Lost" RPG.
There are tons of available characters. OCs are allowed.
This RPG is canon and rated "R".
Format: LiveJournal (somewhat AIM)
Contact: cursed_island_rpg@yahoo.com
Game Description: This roleplay will be starting off when the plane crashed and the survivers are stranded on a deserted island.

The Game does not start until we have the main characters.

I'm very sorry if this is not allowed. ^^;;

[User Picture]From: sam_can_do_it
2005-06-13 11:16 pm (UTC)
Mod ruling: COMPLETELY LEGAL!!!!

How else do you expect people to find out about fun things?!
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From: tearingangels
2005-06-14 02:25 am (UTC)
Ahh.. Thanks so much! ♥
Thanks very true! I wish more communities were like this one.
Only I would understand that they don't want the page to clutter up with ads but... a rule like once a week is cool :D
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